Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coconut Water Edible Flower Popsicles

A simple Summer treat  for your eyes & taste buds! 

These couple of month are the Hottest month here in Indonesia, the sun is shinning so bright and the air are too dry for us & for our skin.
Sometimes we avoid going outdoors. The air-con are on for 24hr a day. 

We're always grateful to have our house located surrounding by many garden & trees. But once in a while we do need simple and refreshing treat to relieve us from heat & dryness, and these lovely popsicles are pretty enough to feed the eyes and our taste buds! :) 

Difficulty : Easy
Preparing time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time :   2-3 hours
Makes : 1 portion 

  • Young Coconut Water
  • Edible Flowers ,i use : Rose petal, Daisy, Impatiens, Butterfly Pea, Dianthus & Cosmos. recommended to use flowers which are grown organically since commercial one are often spray with  pesticide. you can look for organic edible flower farmers near your area, mine are from : Genus Organic & Sweet Lovage  , or, you can just use flowers you grow at home :) 
  • Popsicles Moulds
  • Popsicles Stick 

Prepare your edible flower of choice or what you have on hand at the time.

"Rinse" the petal by holding the flower stalk & dip the part of the flower petal into water a few times, place the flower over clean kitchen towel, set aside to dry & separate the petal from the stalk, set aside. 

Meantime, Prepare your popsicle mould. Place a few flower petal on the bottom of the mould.  

Pour on the coconut water you have prepared inside the popsicles mold, about 1/4 high, just enough to cover the flower petal. 
The coconut water means to make the flower petal sit still on the bottom of the popsicles while it frozen. 

Place the popsicles molds inside the freezer for about 10-15 minutes depend on your fridge temperatures. Until it firm enough, not solid freeze. 

Using a chopstick, "try to move" the flower petal so it sit at the center of the popsicles, put it back into the freezer. 

45 minutes later your lollies should be solid freeze, repeat the method until it reach the top of popsicles mould. 
I know it takes a while and need patient, but trust me it worth it. 

Cover the popsicles mould with foil. 
Place the popsicles stick in the middle of the popsicle mould, so it will stay in place. (You can also try other method i use when filming for Kompas TV-Food Story: fill in coconut water about 3/4 of the mould, add in flowers petal on top, after 1hr, try to "place" the petal on the right place and place the lollies stick inside the mould, please ignore my nervous face XD)
Put it back to the freezer. 
Mine are having issue with the flower petal that flow back on the top of the popsicles mould, but its ok, you can still have a pretty lollies to feast your eyes & thirst :) 

Ah... pretty lollies anyone? 

I know, someone maybe say, how can i eat that? it's too pretty to be eaten! 

Don't worry, the flower are all edible and good both for your eyes and your health at the same time. 

Most of edible flowers are rich in vitamins & antioxidant, but aside from that every flower have a unique and particular benefit. 
For example, Rose petal known to help us relieve stress and tension headaches, Butterfly Pea flower known for it benefits for our eyes, hair & skin, it's even good for our memory boost.  

Pretty & healthy lollies without artificial ingredient to relief you from the heat! 

A few pic taken when shooting for the program :) 

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  1. These ice pops look stunning! Simple but really beautiful. Good job, Elies.


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